Future Earth

Future Earth is a major international program of scientific research and innovation for global sustainability. It provides a platform for research around the greatest challenges facing humanity – and engages policy-makers, businesses and the public in the solutions to these challenges. Its work extends from climate change and biodiversity to urbanization and transformation of societies. Future Earth’s interdisciplinary initiatives and activities comprise high-level international conferences to regional-scale collaborations that generate research that can meet society’s needs.

Future Earth’s vision is grounded in the belief that its global community can facilitate scientific research, mobilize networks, spark innovation, and turn collective knowledge into action. By harnessing the experience and reach of thousands of scientists from across the globe and integrating it with innovators outside the scientific community in policy, business and civil society, the objective is to accelerate transformations to a more sustainable and equitable planet. The Future Earth Secretariat is currently based in five Global Hubs and in three Regional Centers and Offices.

Future Earth MENA Regional Center

The Future Earth MENA Regional Center (FEMRC) is hosted by the Cyprus Institute in Nicosia, Cyprus and serves the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa. The Regional Center works to identify and implement such strategies in a collaborative and regionally-coordinated way. It enables initiatives and activities that cater for the specific characteristics of the MENA region, its environmental and societal challenges, and its specific strategies for enabling sustainable lifestyles and economies.

We urgently need a radical shift in how global society interacts with Earth. Human activities today are disrupting our planet in ways that threaten our air quality, water reliability, food security, and the stability of our climate and ecosystems. Real transformations to overcome these challenges will only happen if we work together – science, technology, business, government, and civil society – as one.”

Amy Luers
Executive Director of Future Earth