Associate Professor
Desert Research Center

Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Imam is Associate Professor at the Entomology Unit of the Desert Research Center (DRC) of Egypt, Director of Plant Protection at the South Sinai Research Station (El-Tor branch), South Sinai Governorate, and former Director of the Bio-Agriculture Unit, Sustainable Development Center for Matrouh Resources, Matrouh governorate, Egypt. He is specialized in the field of biological control of insect pests in the desert areas, studying field biology and ecology of insect communities under rain-fed cultivation conditions, exploring entomo-faunal diversity under eco- and agro-ecosystem conditions and detecting wild hosts of the economic insect pests at the Egyptian deserts. He is also Principal investigator of the project entitled Exploration of indigenous egg parasitoid species harboured Egyptian Northwestern Coast, focal point of the project entitled Rural Costal Communities Development in Egypt (NEMO), Egyptian expert for IPM of Matrouh Rural Sustainable Development Project (MARSADEV). He is author of 24 scientific papers, and has research interests in: Biological control of insect pests; Desert insect communities; Impact of climate change on entomo-faunal communities; and Desertification, land degradation and biodiversity studies.